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SPA Products

Quality by KLAPP and KORRES

We only use clinically proven top quality spa and cosmetics products for our treatments. For our anti-aging treatments we choose the excellent body care range by KLAPP while for natural cosmetics we opt for the highly effective KORRES products. As we would also like you to have the pleasure of this premium care at home, we offer you an exclusive range of products at an additional price. These include



KLAPP Cosmetics
Cosmetics with collagen synthesis – deep impact against photoaging.

The innovative and versatile KLAPP products for regeneration, body care and wellness have been specially selected to suit the diversity of skin types. Choose from our range of products for him and her, for the face and body – always aimed at holistic beauty.

The Beauty Forum, Germany’s largest beauty portal, has awarded KLAPP Cosmetics winner in the rubric “nourishing cosmetics”. Another good reason to use the KLAPP products in our spa – and to offer them for your home care.

Do you have questions about our cosmetic products? Our team at Health & Sport “Botanical Spa” will be happy to advise you!


KORRES Natural Products
The natural cosmetics range based on homeopathy.

KORRES stands for skin-friendly effectiveness. Founded in 1996, the company has its roots in the oldest homeopathic pharmacy in Athens. Today it offers around 400 products for discerning skin. KORRES uses top quality active herbal ingredients to create its nourishing body care range. KORRES products have been clinically tested, are highly effective and free from mineral oil or its derivatives, silicon, paraben, propylene glycol, ethanolamine and ammoniac.

Do you have questions about our SPA products? Our team from Health & Sport “Botanical Spa” will be happy to advise you!

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